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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fierce Shadow

I had such a wonderful holiday weekend and really wish it wasn't ending! Soooo not ready to head back to work. Most importantly who do I speak to in order to get 3 day weekends law?!?!

I wore this outfit to a birthday brunch and then onto a museum with the girlies on Saturday. I picked up these white sailor inspired shorts from Anthropologie last week in hopes of wearing them for the holiday. It took me forever to find a top to pair them with, but once I found this top packed away with my summer clothes from last year the rest of the outfit came together easily. 
My shadow was clearly the scene stealer in the 1st pic. I'd like to think that it is my fierce alter ego coming to light.

Top: Ali & Kris   Shorts: Level 99  Sandals: fr vacay in Madrid in '10  Bag: Louis Vuitton  Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
 Note: Straps on my bag were just tucked in to get the look/feel of a clutch


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  2. That outfit is perfect for the summer.Its very cute.

  3. Those shorts are incredible! I really like the nautical detail....

    If you find a petition for the 3 day weekend law LET ME KNOW! Haha!

    Get Up & Go

  4. Great outfit! Love that you tucked in your top, it makes the whole ensemble super chic! Fab Fab Fab!


  5. Love all the prints with the white shorts...and I LOVE the LV clutch you are holding!

  6. lovely outfit, i could really use this in my holiday suitcase x

  7. The outfit is beautiful.The colours of the top has a sunny look. The picture and the pose is magnificent. Even the shadow stood out, priceless!

  8. Super cute outfit! I love how adventurous it is.