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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back In Time

Part of my Summer 2011 to do list was to visit Governors Island right here in good ol' NYC. Making sure I got my summer started right I was able to cross that off my list this past weekend. YEAH to accomplishing goals!!! I took a step back in time attending the Jazz-Age Lawn Party on Governors Island. The event was held both Saturday and Sunday and I managed to make it out on the very first day as it was a hop, skip and a free ferry away. There was good food and drinks, a sprinkle of vintage vendors and good sportsmanship to the many that showed up in costumes. I uploaded the pictures in sepia for an added nostalgic touch. Enjoy!

Michael Arenella & His Dreamland Orchestra. Note to self must get one of these hats that the band members were wearing.

Additionally, if this looks like something you would enjoy attending, the next Jazz-Age Lawn party on Governor's Island will be the weekend of August 20-21st. Make sure to wear a costume, you'll feel left out if you don't. If not there are many other exciting events happening over at Governor's Island so do make the time to have a visit this summer.

Monday, June 27, 2011

White Out

Wow, what a weekend! If this is a preview of things to come for Summer 2011 then I am HELLA excited. I hope it creeps by very slowly so that I get to enjoy every moment to it's fullest. 

I started this blog with the vision of it being 80% about fashion and the outfits I wear daily, but without a constant person to take my pictures it's kind of streamlined into something else. Once I get more comfortable in front of the camera and get someone behind it, this blog can become the vision I'd hope for it to be. This featured dress was purchased a while back on Gilt, and came in handy for an all white dinner/party I just attended. When scouting for a location to shoot the pics this graffiti really helped make the white dress pop. White is one of my favorite colors to wear in the summertime as long as I don't eat, play or breathe the wrong way.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them!

Dress: Cynthia Steffe   Booties: Boutique 9   Gold Cuff & Ring: Forever 21

These shoes again I know, but I can't stress how comfortable they are. Matched them with mint nail polish I got from Urban Outfitters.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Paisley & Bulldogs

Wrapped up the longest day of the year with friends, bad food and a couple of bulldogs at Blockheads NYC.  At $7.50 they managed to concoct THE PERFECT summer drink. They call it the Pink Bulldog I call it pure awesomeness. Although innocuous looking it managed to pack a powerful punch and was very appealing to the taste buds. Frozen lemonade topped with a shot of white sangria and an upside down coronita never tasted so good.

Dress: Orion  Skirt: Zara  Bag: Francesco Biasia  Earrings: Vintage  Ring: Urban Outfitters (?)  Watch: MK
Below is a better pic of the outfit. Would have been even better if taken in sunlight and prior to the intoxication but I'll just note that for next time. I need to make some paparazzi like friends.
The dress was a recent Gilt purchase but since it was too short for the office I paired it with a simple clean lined knee-length pencil skirt. Just wished I had tugged the dress down some more before the photo but just blame that lack of judgement on the alcohol.

Hope you all had a happy Summer Solstice!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2011 Summer To-Do List

Image from Costa Rica trip back in March 2011
Today is the official first day of summer. YEAH!!! I feel like I don't really live or do as much until summer comes around. This usually results in a list of things I want to do solo and separately with friends. My next big vacation isn't until the beginning of August but I am hoping to get a few things accomplished on my weekends and in between before Labor Day. 

1- Go to Eataly; See the restaurants, beer garden and sample a gelato or two
2- Finally frame & put up my black & white photos of international landmarks I've visited
3- Visit Governor's Island
4- See the McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met museum
5- Go to the Bronx zoo
6- Lose some inches in the waist (any suggestions are welcomed)
7- Go to the beach (I know it sounds simple/easy but as a NY-city dweller it's not that common)
8- Pizza tour to find the best Pizza in NYC
9- Al fresco happy hours with friends & coworkers
10- Have dinner at one of the restaurants in the Eiffel Tower when I visit Paris in August!!!

In the mean time kicking off the first day of summer with drinks with friends at Blockheads (see # 9) What a way to spend the longest day of the year!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Niagara Falls Photo Diary

After looking thru my Niagara Falls photos, I feel the need to revisit again....SOON.

Road trip anyone?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Weakness

Confession #1.  I have a weakness. That weakness is for shoes. Now I may say this every time I buy a new pair of shoes but these are definitely my favorite. On Monday I walked into Bloomingdales and while passing by the clearance shoe section, I spotted these bad boys. Normally these wouldn't be shoes I am attracted to, or purchase, nor is it even a brand I've ever worn before. But I tried these on and it was an indescribable attraction. They are the perfect color for my skin tone, will go with every outfit in my closet and on Wednesday I wore them for 13 hours straight without having that thought that my feet should take one for the team and suffer in the name of fashion! It's been less than a week and I've already worn them on 3 days. Another plus they were originally $200 and I got them for $87 with taxes. WINNING!  It was worth it to have Jeff the sales associate scour the 'proverbial back' for the last size 8.

Dress: Cynthia Steffe  Sweater: Tory Burch  Purchased shoes: Boutique 9  Shoes worn w outfit: Gucci  Watch: Michael Kors   

Friday, June 10, 2011


Yesterday was the first day of the NYC Social Sports Club kickball league that I joined. Turns out our kickball game had to be canceled after the first inning due to torrential downpour. I don't think its rained this hard in a long time which was probably due to the overwhelming heat. We spent the evening playing flip cup, inhaling chicken wings, and half watching the basketball game. It reminded me once again why I regret my decision to not go away to college instead of staying locally. I definitely feel I missed out on that type of social experience. It was an awesome time and the great beginning to what I hope will be a wonderful weekend!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Photo Diary

Field Trip!!! Alright maybe not exactly. This was a good girls weekend to unwind after a busy work week. I visited the Brooklyn museum on Saturday then made a trip yesterday to the Brooklyn Flea Market and the Artists & Fleas shops in Williamsburg. Although I only walked away with a pretty cool bracelet, (which as of now I'm swearing to never take off), I managed to get some good shots of some vintage finds on my outing. Anywhoo gearing up for another hectic work week so please enjoy the photos!

 Need to get one of these SWEET rides!
And would also like one of these body forms to help me put outfits together
 This would be perfect for me to take to Paris in two months!
Or maybe one of these
That's me in the mirror in my new Jeffrey Campbells!
2nd flea market stop
Fringe is in

 QP & Monty responsible for the look below

The Brooklyn Flea locations are
Saturdays in Fort Greene: 176 Lafayette Ave btw Clermont & Vanderbuilt
Sundays in Williamsburg: 27 North 6th St btw Kent Ave & East River

Artist & Fleas
70 North 7th Street

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Twilight to Midnight

Yesterday I attended the Target first Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum. It was definitely one of the most diverse outings I've been to in a while. You had everything in attendance from your hipsters, artists, costumers, parents with kids, bloggers and wanna-be video vixens. Judging from the outfits I saw yesterday you definitely need to put on your 'Saturday best' to not feel out of place. As for the museum exhibits many are still the same from when I visited years ago. What makes first Saturdays different from any other Saturday is the museum is open past its usual time of 6 pm lasting until 11 pm. There is a dj, band and/or dance group etc to entertain the massive crowd with the bar open serving beer & wine. Note no two experiences are ever the same and if you're ever in the area stop by, get your culture on and meet some new people. Oh and most importantly I forgot to mention the entrance to see all this art is free!

Below is what I wore:

Blazer: Zara  Tank top: The Limited  Skirt: American Apparel  Belt: J Crew  Shoes: Alaia  Earrings: Vintage  Watch: Michael Kors

My best friend and I plotting how to steal this bracelet What? It matched my outfit lol 

One big red house

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!