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Friday, August 12, 2011


Oh blogging, how I miss thee! So sorry I've been missing in action. The down time & wifi on vacation have been very scant. I'm currently sitting outside early morning in Paris, smelling the air after what looks like rain while I was asleep. I love Paris! only 3 more days here but I hope to show you guys in a later post all the different things I've seen. And if anyone here is thinking of a vacation spot to visit, think of visiting Versailles. The Garden of Versailles is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Totally breath taking and a must see in your lifetime. 

But first, my decision to visit Paris was because I had to attend my cousins wedding in London. I figured why not do two-for-one and Eurostar it over to Paris as well!  The wedding was beautiful and emotional,  so much love was in that room.  And if you learn one thing about me other than I love fashion, it's that I love, LOVE. I love seeing people in love! 

I didn't want to purchase anything expensive since I was saving for spending money on vacation, so I picked up this light maxi dress from H&M the week before I left New York for London. Overall, I was very pleased with my look! Here a few solo shots I manage to take during wedding cocktail hour.

Dress: H&M,  Shoes:  Michael Kors,  Earrings: Express, Clutch: West Fever  Bracelet: Ann Taylor Loft

Au Revoir!


  1. Super cute dress! So jealous of your Paris vacay!!! You have a new follower :-)

  2. I love you dress I hope you are having a great time in Paris.

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  3. What a gorgeous dress!!


  4. pretty dress!

    xo Ashleigh