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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Costa Rica

 After much vacation debate my long time best friends and I decided to take a trip to Costa Rica. It's no debate however that we can certainly be described as more city girls than nature girls but the choice to come to CR has not been regrettable. We are traveling to both Tamarindo beach and La Fortuna (Arenal) over the next 6 days (a very short time may I add) trying to gain an experience filled with relaxation and adventure. Funny thing is most of the tourist are young backpackers dressed in t-shirts and flip flops so it's pretty easy to spot us coming from a mile away.

Not one for choosing comfort most of the time, my travel outfit for my 5 hour plane ride and additional 5 hour drive to Tamarindo beach from the airport in San Jose, consisted of a silky top, cargo pants and 4.5 inch wedges. I've recently developed an affinity for wedges since I once thought they made my legs look too skinny. That thought was easily banished from my mind since I've discovered wedges accomplish the tasks of providing height in addition to comfort for long wear.

Blouse: Zara  Pants: Uniqlo  Watch: Michael Kors  Shoes: Wedges from boutique in Madrid

 We are staying at Tamarindo Diria Beach & Resort. The place is beautiful! I'll post some pictures once I get some day time shots of what the hotel looks like. For dinner we ate at Nibbana Beach Bar & Restaurant which came highly recommended on many Tripadvisor postings. 


Personally I found that the food and drinks were just ok. I had the 1 lb lobster with vegetables which the chef put a lot of thought in presenting. I was thoroughly embarrassed when the waiter approached my table. I had a little more fun deciding which drink was better my Mai Tai or Sparkly Cosmo.

If you were wondering the Sparkly cosmo won.

Blouse: Zara;  Skirt: Brooklyn Industries;  Sandals: 3.1 Phillip Lim;  Clutch: Mango

While reliving our experience about our too long commute we concluded the rumor is true. Costa Ricans are some of the friendliest people I've ever met in my travels. And with a little liquid courage I find I am as well :)


  1. Love your travel outfit (so comfy and stylish) and your Costa Rica photographs...what a fun looking trip! You're lovely :)

  2. Pretty, girly, lovely. :- )