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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CR-All Aboard

Our third day in Costa Rica and we finally made it to the beach---even thou we are literally staying on the beach. We now had the warm sunshine, the sand between our toes and the most gorgeous view of never ending blue water that we so longed for. The minute we were able to set up camp and start to relax we started got bombarded by vendors who literally approached us every two minutes trying to sell merchandise. After saying 'NO' in both spanish and english we were annoyed enough to move on to the next activity on our agenda.

Cover up: Asos  Bikini: U.S. Polo Assn  Hat: H&M  Sunglasses: Michael Kors

 We'd scheduled a full itinerary that day with a heavy focus on beach activities. Leaving behind the snowy/rainy mess in New York meant we wanted to take full advantage of sun and seawater. The El Diria Playa Tamarindo hotel offers beach massage services and at very reasonable prices of $20 for half an hour and $40/hr. After the caipirinha I had the day before this hotel just kept meeting and exceeding my expectations. It was a great midday treat to be massaged beachside with the sound of the waves serving as a peaceful soundtrack.

shorts: Club Monaco
The day could only get better from there as we changed and got ready for our catamaran excursion. I changed out of my two piece as I was tired of holding my tummy in anymore and feared I'll pass out on the boat from doing so much longer. Instead I opted for a cutout one piece I found on clearance at just in time for my trip. The Catamaran was also booked thru the hotel. It included a 6 hour boat road with food, unlimited drinks, the opportunity to snorkel, dive and watch the sunset. SOLD! It's days like this that make me contemplate if I can give up my awesome love relationship with NYC.

As we waited to board the small boat to get to the larger boat I got a 'granisado' or icy from a man selling them on the beach. It was exactly what I needed to cool down because my feet were burning up from standing on the too hot sand. I'd rid myself of my sandals because I didn't want to ruin them anymore than I already had on this trip. 

We boarded the tiny speedboat and even thou I feared that my life was in the hands of this 17 yr old named Alex Jr, it was overshadowed by the excitement of going so fast on the water. Even more convinced now that one day I need to get me my own boat.

Still in pursuit of the perfect caipirinha.

Swimsuit: Asos

Watching the sun. Going, Going, Gone.

Our last night in Tamarindo we met up with Johnathan again (our unofficial nightlife guide) to see if we can have a more lively party atmosphere than the previous night. I wore a simple black dress and comfortable sandals so I could dance. We managed to make it out to the 2 clubs that were open that night. First to 'Crazy Monkey Bar' and then on to 'Aqua Discoteque'. Both were equally enjoyable with great music and ok drinks.

The 2 highlights of the night: me teaching Costa Ricans how to Dougie at Monkey Bar and secondly my friend L getting up on the pole at Aqua. Below are the only two photos I have of my outfit. A simple black dress, cover up in case it got chilly and sandals. It was another memorable night as you can tell from the photos.

Dress: Tart  Cover-up: A/X  Bracelet: Ann Taylor  Sandals: 3.1 Phillip Lim

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