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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CR-Best and Worst Caipirinha

Costa Rica is beautiful! Our first full day was dedicated to adventure. First up we wanted to try the ATVs followed by Canopy Tours (zip lining) for my friends. I'd already zip lined once it in Puerto Vallarta, MX, and since I am deathly afraid of heights there was no way I was going to try that again. With that being said, I do think everyone should experience zip lining at least once in their life. It's something I can say I won't ever regret or forget doing.

For breakfast I wore a cotton white tank, wool plaid short shorts, a crimson chiffon short sleeve cardigan and sandals.

Tank top: Old Navy,  Cardigan: J Crew,  Shorts: Forever 21,  Sandals: 3.1 Phillip Lim  Watch: Michael Kors

 Although breakfast was amazing it was no competition for the view we had to enjoy it with. I wanted to capture the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea water to bring back home with me. The picture just doesn't do this view any justice.

We booked the adventure tours thru the hotel which was quite an event itself. This was my second time doing ATVs and it's not as simple as just riding a bike. These were automatic and much easier to manuever than the ones I rode in Mexico. I did remember from my first experience thou that I had to wear a scarf from all the dust that gets kicked up. I changed into a simpler outfit for this experience. Simple white t-shirt, cutoff denim shorts and my trusty old sneakers. I was ready for an adventure!

T-shirt: H&M  Denim Shorts: Uniqlo  Socks: Nike  Sneakers: Saucony
While the girls were on the canopy tour, I came back to the hotel instead of hanging around the farm that provided the excursions. Since I was starving I quickly cleaned up and changed back into the outfit I wore for breakfast and just paired it with some wedges to dress it up.  I felt the need to be girlie after 'roughing it' out for 3 hours.

Shoes: See By Chloe wedges
The caipirinha I had at dinner was the best I had ever had in my life! For starters I had the mixed ceviche really good and then I had the chicken 'casado' dish known to be the typical food of Costa Rica. It was chicken---very well seasoned, black beans, cheese,  salad and plantains. After all of that and another caipy there was just no room for dessert :(

Clutch: Mango

After the girls got back they ate and I napped closeby at the pool watching the sunset. I had to get a few minutes of shut eye before getting ready to see what the nightlife in Tamarindo was all about. I wore a loose fit, silk tiger print dress for the occasion, and tried out several different accessory options as you'll see below. I finally went with the last look below sans straw hat. 

Dress: Tracy Reese   Shoes: See by Chloe  Bracelets: NYC Street Vendors

Straw Hat: H&M

We headed to this placed called Pacifica and found out it was reggae night. Usually when I go on vacation and go to parties like this I feel like it's solely dominated by old Bob Marley songs. I was gladly proven wrong by the ample selection of reggae music the dj had. It was very reminiscent of my idea of the back in the day party scene of Brooklyn. The only reminder that I was in Costa Rica was when the dj started speaking spanish in between sets.

It turns out in Tamarindo beach there are very few clubs and each night only a couple or so are open. Literally. After walking around trying to find another club to go to one of the locals who approached us to sell us weed...wheredeydodatat?!... recommended we try out Voodoo lounge. The music there was more diverse but it had about 12 people in there. Not exactly a party but not exactly a problem for my friends and I since we make it a party wherever we go. We ran into Jonathan again, the waiter we had met the night before having dinner at Nibbana's. He ended up being our tour guide for the rest of the night. After having the worst caipirinha I'd ever had at Voodoo Lounge, we made a short stop at a pool hall and then onto what would be our final destination for the night El Garrito. We sat alfresco, drinking and talking about what life was like in Costa Rica with some new found friends. Some reassurance from the owner of the bar that his caipirinha is the best in Tamarindo gave me the courage to get another drink. He said he'd learned how to make them in Brazil which for some reason was a big selling point for me. It was a good caipy and maybe I wouldn't have been so biased if I hadn't had that most amazing one earlier from the bar at the hotel restaurant. Let's just say at the end of the night my taste buds were a little disappointed.

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  1. I love the color combinations of your outfits, particularly the first one with the grey shorts and the red short-sleeve cardigan. You are beautiful.